Saturday, September 8, 2012

6 mths!

Little Miss Truely is 6 months old today!

The time goes by so fast.

I thought she may have some issues reaching milestones on time but so far she's exceeding my expectations. She's sitting all by herself.
She's scooting across the floor, blanket and all.
She's even getting up on hand and knees.

I'm still unsure how she'll figure out crawling. Her arm on the hardwood floors slips out from under her. But I think she'll come up with her own way. Or bypass it all together and just stand and walk.

I'd wanted to have her birth story written out by now but I don't. I may get the time tonight and have it out later or tomorrow. There is still emotions wrapped up there- ones that I'm still sorting through.

 Happy 1/2 Birthday Baby Girl!

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