Saturday, September 15, 2012

Combines, Dogs, Babies & Story Problems

Busy week here! The farmer came through with the combine, taking all the corn! Yay! If you've never lived this close to corn before you wouldn't be aware of  how allergic one could be to it. And man am I allergic! But the past month the Morning Glories took over the edge of the corn field and that was so beautiful- I had to venture close to get a shot!

Bug Loves all things tractor related, so watching the farmer in his combine, was the highlight of his day! He was so disappointed when he got up from his nap and the combine was gone.

 Wednesday a package came from my mother-in-law, included in my birthday present was these two photos of my husband as a little guy! The baby pic is about 6 months old and the "big" boy about 10 or 11. (Don't ya just love the smirk!) She also sent Oni's quilt she made for him- Star Wars. And man was Bug jealous! First thing out of his mouth "Oh man! No fair! A Star Wars blanket." even thou he just got a monogrammed dragon quilt in July! (That he picked out!) Haha.

 Thursday was the day our dogs were blessed. See the photo above. well that is my husband's brand new smart phone. While out on a walk with the boys, one of them (who shall remain nameless <Daisy>) got under the side table (that's sandwiched between the couch and the chair) and pulled the phone off the charger and into the middle of the living room. Chewing it to that ^ in less than 20 minutes. My husband held it together well, much better than I expected. This same little doggie has also eaten my meditation books, one of them twice, this week, and Belly Button's flip flops, pulled the binoculars off the porch into the driveway (where they were run over), chewed 3 pacifiers, and an arm band radio. Seriously don't know what to do about this. Its new behavior that's getting worse!

A few shots of Truly just because she's so darn cute!

Look at those expressions!

And then there's been these two! Boy does Bugabuga LOVE his sister. Trying to teach an 18 mo to be gentle and that baby is not a toy is harder. (It wasn't this hard with the first two- but the sexes were opposite, and that probably makes a big difference.) And can anyone tell me why he's so obsessed with standing directly over her like that! Freaks me out!


We're finding more rhythm in home schooling. I'm learning what works better for him- like he hates math problems that are repetitive, and prefers story problems (story problems! I hated those!). I'm coming up with more ideas to get us out of books and more into learning while living. Not unschooling but not so structured. I think we're going to try a six weeks on- one week off approach. I like the idea of a break, gives me time to plan the six weeks ahead, catch up on things around the house and him to unwind. 

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