Monday, September 3, 2012

Mission- Dolly

As my friends on FB can attest I have seemingly become obsessed with Waldorf style dolls. But my love of them in much older than just recently. I was first introduced to them when Belly Button was little, about 10 years ago, and at the time would've of loved to get her one, well actually to get both my little girls one (Peeker was just 3 at the time). But it was definitely not in the cards and as it turned out neither girl much liked playing with dolls. Peeker liked Barbie types and Belly has always been into animals.

But now there's Truly, who at not even 6 months old, already LOVES dolls. She talks to them, hugs them and kisses on them. So my obsession has resurfaced. If a girl only has one doll it should be one of these. I want to get her one. And I'm working on it! Haha.

But I wanted to share my faves, in photos, with you.

Oh and my favorite website! German Playmates

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