Friday, September 7, 2012

Home Life, School and a Toddler

We're having normal learning curves with this home school thing. I'm confident we'll find what works for us and get into a groove. But there's one thing that is making more than difficult. Its an 18 mo with big brown puppy dog eyes and a smile that'll knock your socks off. He's a handful. Even without us home schooling Oni, he'd still be the biggest bump in my day. But this kid is SO flippin' charming you can't help but love him and laugh at his antics. Till he screeches that is- when you just wanna put duct tape over his mouth. (Don't go calling CPS now- I never would but the thought helps to lighten the mood.) He reaches decibels I never thought imaginable, but then I remember both Oni and Bug used to do this too. It too shall pass, maybe not for another 6 months and all our ears will be bleeding constantly, but it will pass.

If Bugabuga was just a few months older I would be able to incorporate him into Bugs activities, but since he thinks things like Goop, playdoh, and crayons are better than ice cream he's kinda on the outs for that. And set him up with any other activity and after blinking twice he's done. Attention span is not in his vocabulary. So I let him run around and play (get into everything) while I do what I've got to do. I run damage control while he naps and after he's down for the night. Its our only solution atm. (The husband wants to install 3/4 doors everywhere and just create a big playpen room for him- me not so much- I tend to lend myself more to the free-range kids school of thought. It may work for the chickens but not for little boys. He'd just eventually learn to scale those too. Damn Monkeys.)

You'd think that maybe Truly would be an issue, but really she is only in the sense that I can't keep her safe from Bugabuga and have to constantly hold her. Thank the Goddess for my Ergo- I've used that more often the last week than I have in the last six months. She's big enough for the back carry!!! :D This may change a year from now, when she's 18 months and Bugabuga is is 2.5. But from I experience, and memory girls are easier at this age than boys. (Shh don't laugh at me. Let me have the hope. Please?!)

So we're trudging along. I'm looking for websites, blogs, anything that may give me ideas on how to make this work for us. Home schooling with little ones in tow, home schooling in general, home schooling children with Aspergers, home schooling made easier (is that possible? I'm sure it is, I'm probably just trying too hard. Dang perfectionism!)

Well if anyone wants to borrow a toddler for 6 months? (Joking! Joking!) Or has a plan of attack for me, let me know. Info is always welcomed! And if I find a miracle or just a solution I'll be sure to share it!

(See what I mean! HOW could to stay angry with that face, or try and discipline it. And yes he was getting into Something!)

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